Old Man Saltbush Rice Crackers with Nasturtium Dip

Recipe provided to us by
Perri’s Plants to Plate

Old Man Saltbush

Atriplex nummularia

Native Thyme

Prostanthera incisa

Warrigal Greens

Tetragonia tetragonioides


Old Man Saltbush Crackers
1/2 cup Old Man Saltbush Leaves (Atriplex nummularia)
1 sprig Native Thyme (optional)
1 Sprig Sage (optional)
2 cups white rice
1/2 cup olive oil
2 tsp salt
2 cups water
Vegetable Salt to season, if you wish.

Nasturtium Dip
100g Nasturtium leaves, flowers, seed and/or stems. (Or you can use Warrigal Greens)
100g Sunflower kernels
1 packet French Onion Soup Mix (40g)
1/3 cup olive oil.


Old Man Saltbush Crackers

Cook your rice using your preferred method. I pressure cook mine for 10 minutes just covered in water. Cool.

Finely chop the herbs.

When rice is cool enough to handle, use your food processor to pulverise it, adding the water and oil until it forms a fine dough-like consistency.

Stir in chopped herbs.

Preheat a flat plate sandwich press or roti maker.

Roll dough into 1cm balls (this can be rough).

Flatten balls to roughly 1-2mm thick in the sandwich press or roti maker in batches.
NB: This will not completely cook your crackers. This is purely an easier way to shape them.

Transfer crackers to a dehydrator and dehydrate until no moisture is left.

Remove from dehydrator and season with your favourite seasoning, or enjoy plain.

[Alternatively, if you don’t own a press or dehydrator, you can flatten the mixture (2mm) onto oven trays using a rolling pin, then bake in an oven on a low heat until crackers are hard]

Nasturtium Dip

Blitz all ingredients into a paste using a food processor.


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