Pepperberry Venison carpaccio, fermented blood plums and pecorino crisp

Recipe provided to us by Bacco Shenton Park


Tasmannia lanceolata


Davidsonia pruriens

Davidson Plum

Davidsonia jerseyana


For the venison carpaccio

Venison Eye fillet 2kg
Pepperberry ground 20g
Sugar 100g
Salt 200g

For the Fermented Blood Plums/Davidson Plums

2kg Blood Plums/Davidson Plums flesh
20g Salt

For the Pecorino Crisp

1kg Grated pecorino


For the venison carpaccio

Clean the venison fillet from the sinew.

Mix the dry ingredient such as sugar, pepperberry ground and salt.

Sprinkle the Dry ingredient on the venison, let it marinate for 10min and then seal the fillet on a hot charcoal grill.

Cool down the venison on a perforated tray, once cool roll tight the fillet (carpaccio style)

ready to be sliced during service with a slicer.

For the Fermented Blood Plums/Davidson Plums

Mix the 30g of Salt with the Plum flash.

Divide them in 2 vac pack and seal  them.

Let them ferment in a fermenting chamber @ 34-36 degree

Total fermentation should last 5 days

Every 2 days check. the vac. bags, they will fill with gas.

Open them up, degas the bags and transfer the plum in new bags and repeat the fermenting process for the remaining 3 days.

Once fermented, blitz the plum until you reach a smooth and silky consistency.

Add 0.01% of Xanthan gum to the total. mass while blitzing the puree.

For the Pecorino Crisp

Lay a flat gastro tray with silpats, sprinkle a good. amount of. the grated pecorino and cook in  the oven for 12 to 15 min at 180/190 degree, until the crisp becomes golden.

Pull the tray out and let it cool completely before service.

Store in airtight container with some silica gel.


Slice the carpaccio thin, around number 2 or 3 on the slicer,

Place the carpaccio on a serving plate, season with sea salt flakes, drizzle of evoo, add some dots of fermented plums puree and finish off with the pecorino crisp and decorate with some Native Australian Sun roses.


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