West Australian Beef, Native Thyme, Buckwheat, Soft Leek, Black Garlic

Recipe provided to us by
Scott Bridger from Bib & Tucker

Native Thyme

Prostanthera incisa


250g WA beef of your choice. (For each person)
1 leek cut into 4.
50gm  Dried Native Thyme
2 springs rosemary
100 gm buckwheat groats
1 bulb black garlic
2 tbsp. aioli
Salt and pepper

Serves 2


Wash buckwheat well and then place in a slow oven (100c) to dry out and lightly roast

Once complete mix with the Native Thyme and chopped rosemary, Season with salt and pepper

Place the leek quarters in a pot of cold salted water and bring to the boil and cook for 20- 30 minutes on a slow rolling boil until leeks are soft and still intact.

Place in the fridge to cool.

Finley chop the black garlic and mix into the aioli and reserve till needed.

Cut the leek horizontally to expose the middle and place in a hot oven for 10 minutes to lightly roast

Cook your steak to your liking, Medium rare suggested

Once leeks and lightly golden remove and place some black garlic aioli down the middle and cover with the native thyme and buckwheat mix.

Serve with either parsnip puree and quality jus to elevate the meal.


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