Fraser Island Spanner Crab

Recipe provided to us by
Chef Anthony Power from Wild Swan Mandoon Estate

Finger Lime

Citrus australasica

Jambinu Zest

Chamelaucium “Jambinu Zest"


Suaeda australis


200g picked spanner crab meat
20g yuzu koshu mayo
1 tbs chopped chive
pulp of half a small finger lime
pinch of salt

Yuzu kosho mayo
2 yolk
50g lemon juice
5g salt
25g yuzu kosho
400g grapeseeed oil

Pickled sunrise
40g white balsamic vinegar
15g water
20g white sugar
1 pinch salt
15 sunrise limes

Shaved cucumber
¼ telegraph cucumber

Baby corn
100g baby corn
10g butter
1g salt

Fermented corn sauce
250g fermented corn kernels
225g water
15g shio koji
5g sugar

Jambinu zest oil
100g fresh Jambinu zest
350g baby spinach
500g grapeseed oil

Sunrose, seablite
24 baby sunrose leaves
24 seablite tips


In a bowl mix the ingredients just before plating.

Yuzu kosho mayo
Add the yolks, lemon juice, and salt to a bowl, whisk till combined, stream in the oil while whisking to make a mayonnaise. When the emulsion is made add the yuzu kosho.

Pickled sunrise
In a pot heat and dissolve all ingredients. Chill the pickle. Add the limes pickle for 1 week before slicing thin and removing seeds.

Shaved cucumber
Use a mandolin to slice the cucumber into 1mm disks

Baby corn
Put ingredients in to a cry-o-vac bag and cook at 90c for 10 mins, chill, char with butane torch, chill. Slice thin.

Fermented corn sauce
Blend all ingredients and strain through a fine chinois. Bring to the boil and simmer stirring constantly for 3 minutes the sauce will thicken and loose its raw flavour as the corn starch is cooked out. Strain again and chill.

Jambinu zest oil
For the Jambinu zest we like to pick the young branches about 10cm long. For this oil we can use the whole branch just cutting then into 3cm pieces to help them break down in the blender. Blanch, chill, and drain the spinach then blend with the oil and Jambinu zest. Strain through oil or coffee filter. Put in to a freezer and any water will separate and freeze on the bottom of the container, then the oil will be thick but still fluid and can be easily separated from the water which can be discarded.

Sunrose, seablite
Trim with scissors and wash in cold water. Spin dry using a salad spinner.

To plate
Put a quarter of the crab mixture on each plate then top with the cucumber, then top with the corn, sunrise lime, baby sunrose and Seablite. In a separate bowl mix 100ml of the fermented corn sauce with 15 ml of the Jambinu zest oil and drizzle around the outside.

The recipe serves four as an entrée but there will be left overs as some of the components are difficult to make in smaller batches.

This summery dish pairs great with a glass of Mandoon estate 2015 reserve sparking which has pure and intense aromas of lemon and lime that are complemented by complex yeast aromas of biscotti and brioche and hints of pear.

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