Tucker Bush is a range of Australian native plants with edible fruits, nuts, seeds and leaves.

Delicious Edible Native Plants

Did you know that most of the edibles we grow in our gardens today were originally imported from overseas? With Tucker Bush edible natives, you can enjoy a backyard full of unique and delicious bush tucker fruits, roots, nuts, seeds and leaves from plants naturally designed for our climate and soil.

A Truly Australian flavour

Bush food has sustained generations of traditional Australians for centuries, and today represents a rich and vibrant history in this country’s culture. The Tucker Bush range aims to introduce a truly Australian flavour to the modern suburban home, working with communities with unique stories to share.

*NEW* Tucker Bush Schools Program

The Tucker Bush Schools Program assists schools in establishing their own bush tucker gardens, enriching the learning environment with native edible plants.

Our dream is to see bushfood gardens in schools all over the country, giving young Australians a stronger connection to nature and their food supply.

So your New Year’s resolution is to try Cooking with Bush Tucker?

Bushfoods represent a rich and vibrant history in Australia’s culture — one that’s existed for thousands of years. The bushfood movement is growing, and we want to make it easy for everyday people to become a part of it.

We’ve put together an  e-book of our favourite recipes using Australian native ingredients, featuring contributions from some of Australia’s leading chefs — including all the recipes from our website plus more, covering entrees, mains, desserts and more, along with a few basics like drying your own herbs and making your own jam.

You can download this 94-page e-book direct to your device right now!

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Our Goals for Tucker Bush


“Popularise native edibles in our modern lifestyle and cuisine – both through home growing and gourmet cooking.”

“Influence a cultural shift that contributes to preserving Australia’s food security and biodiversity.”

“Help young Australians grow up with a stronger connection to nature and their food supply.”

“Make Australian native edibles more readily available to average home gardener.”

“Help gardeners successfully grow species that thrive in our soils and climate.”

Our big vision is to have every Australian garden include an indigenous edible plant and to educate gardeners (and children) in the process.


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About us

Tucker Bush is a range of edible native plants, bringing a uniquely Australian flavour to the modern suburban garden. By consuming species that suit our climate and soil, we help maintain the country’s biodiversity, and work towards a low-footprint, sustainable food supply. Contact us to share your bush food story.
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