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Substituting everyday ingredients for native bush tucker

“I want to grow more bush tucker, but I’m not sure if I’d use it much. What can I make with native ingredients?” While not technically exotic, Australia’s bush tucker is still on the fringe of the mainstream. Currently popularised by gourmet chefs and the “fancy”...

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Hello, New South Wales!

You should soon find the Tucker Bush plants popping up in selected Independent Garden Centres nurseries around the state. Keep your eyes peeled for our range of: Smooth Davidson Plum (Davidsonia johnsonii) Wild Currant (Antidesma erostre) Tucker Bush Cherry (Syzygium...

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Make your own bushfood treats for Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day, give your sweetheart something truly unique. Here are a few of our favourite recipes for dishing up a serve of handmade love — a romantic Valentine’s dinner menu featuring some gorgeous West Australian Seafood and native bush tucker ingredients...

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How to make fresh and dried Tucker Bush herbs

According to our friends at RiverMint Dining, most bush tucker herbs are best eaten fresh. If you’re using them uncooked as a garnish, condiment or a sprinkle, your best bet is to delay harvesting until you’re ready to eat them. Most of our native herbs range will...

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Chicken, Native Lemongrass and Warrigal Canapes

Here’s an outstanding fusion recipe, courtesy of our friends at RiverMint Dining. This is a simple canape recipe that doesn’t require much effort or skill, or even extra prep time for your edible natives. Just harvest these herbs and greens fresh from your garden, and...

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Marron with Lemon Myrtle and Sea Salt

Our friends at Fervor have shared their incredible bushfood recipe using local freshwater crayfish, Australia’s favourite native herb, and a homemade slurry of sea salt. Coal Roasted Yallingup Marron, Lemon Myrtle Emulsion and Hand Made Sea Salt The instructions might...

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