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We can share our knowledge with you by way of workshops, seminars and presentations we host in the community. To find our more, come follow us on Facebook by liking our page, Bindi Bindi Dreaming. Come explore Noongar Boodja.

For too long a time, Aboriginal people have been disconnected from the lands and waters. It’s vital that we, as the first Australians, share and teach our cultural knowledge of such an enriching culture that has existed since before recorded history. We now need to reconnect to all become caretakers.

We connected to the land and animals for our foods, health and healing for generations. Today, we have the opportunity to continue sharing our knowledge, so we can ensure the planet is well looked after today and into the future.

I believe every child and their parent has a role in taking care of the environment. To bring back our bushtucker species will be amazing. Together, we can make it happen.

Marissa Verma

Bindi Bindi Dreaming

Why a Bushfood garden?

Did you know that Australia is home to thousands of native edible plant species? Yet most of the food we grow in our backyards today originally came from overseas. Despite having sustained generations of Aboriginal peoples for thousands of years, our native bush foods still come second to exotic plants.

We started Tucker Bush with a dream of bringing this land’s unique flavours back into the mainstream, so future generations can remain connected to a rich and vibrant history. We want to see a cultural shift towards a sustainable ecosystem, a secure and diverse food supply, and happier, healthier humans.

How students benefit from Tucker Bush gardens

  • Developing “nature smarts” from an early age through first-hand experiences.
  • Strengthening their understanding and awareness of food and biodiversity.
  • Practising teamwork, communication and critical thinking skills in an interesting setting.
  • Getting hands-on learning opportunities outside the sedentary classroom environment.
  • Learning about plants, soil, water, pests and beneficial insects.
  • Eating herbs and veggies they’ve grown themselves.
Judith James, Applecross Primary School

“Mark from Tucker Bush shared his knowledge with a group of student representatives from Pre-Primary to Year 5. They enjoyed learning about the Tucker Bush plants and how we can use them in the future for food, medical and other purposes. They worked in big buddy/little buddy pairs to plant their seedling into our Bush Tucker garden. Mark left them keen to learn more.”

Fern Vallesi, Year 1 Teacher

“They were both so warm, patient and engaging with our koolangka. We are very much enjoying observing our new garden thrive! Students and teachers who participated in this culturally enriching incursion were all left with koort djoorabiny (happy hearts).”

K Nanon, Year 4 Teacher
“The incursion was awesome- the kids loved it! Very positive overall and I liked how involved the children were and that they were given information prior to planting.”
Ayiik, Lucas C, Emelia, Bernice
“We loved that we got to plant the bush tucker garden and ate some of the food that was grown on the plants. It was crunchy and a little sour. We can’t wait to see the final product.”
“I really enjoyed working with a small group to plant the bush tucker plants. I liked following the procedure that was needed to ensure they were planted corrected.”
“I liked working as a team and learning about all the different types of bush tucker plants. I thought we all worked really well in creating a beautiful space for the school that links with Aboriginal Culture.”
“My hands got so dirty from planting the bush tucker plants and I really enjoyed it.”

Watch our demonstration video to see why we need this program

We would like to help your school

By partnering with us, we can help your school to fundraise towards the goal of establishing a Tucker Bush garden and having a Bindi Bindi Dreaming Aboriginal cultural incursion to inspire and share knowledge.


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