If you’re in the Perth metro area, we temporarily have a number of plants you can buy direct from us. More info…

Recipes using our plants

We’ve put together an e-book of our favourite recipes

Using Australian native ingredients, featuring contributions from some of Australia’s leading chefs — including all the recipes from our website plus more, covering entrees, mains, desserts and more, along with a few basics like drying your own herbs and making your own jam.

We have recently been introduced to the amazing native local ingredients from Tucker Bush. They have quickly become staples on our menus, offering that Australian edge to our food and have been received with very positive feedback from customers. The shelf life of the fresh greens has also surprised us, with products holding well for 2 weeks. With such a large offering we can easily experiment with various native herbs, flowers, greens and fruits.

Companies such as Tucker Bush give us an edge.

Andrew Mann

Executive Chef, Sandalford

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