Welcome to the Tucker Bush Shop


Welcome to the Tucker Bush Shop!

Discover the rich flavours of Australia with our premium pre-packaged bush food ingredients, available directly from our Perth headquarters or through our select partners.

When you shop with us, you’re not just bringing home delicious, authentic Australian produce—you’re also supporting the Tucker Bush Schools Program with every purchase.

In addition to our unique ingredients, explore our range of books designed to help you make the most of your native plants and produce. Join us in celebrating and preserving Australia’s natural culinary heritage.

Looking for Plants?

Sorry, but we don’t sell plants direct, only through retailers. Click through to our store locator below to find who is nearest to you.

Please remember though, as plants are seasonal & due to differing local climates, not all plants are available through all outlets. So if you are looking for something in particular, it’s wise to ring ahead to check if it’s in stock.

Introducing Our Range Of Dried Herbs

Tucker Bush Native Herbs are dried and ready to use in your cooking. Enjoy these local flavours with cooked meats, baked treats and steeped in hot water for an aromatic tea.

What’s new?

Our Latest Collaboration

The Wattleseed Collective

Experience the rich flavours and benefits of sustainable wild-harvested wattleseed with The Wattleseed Collective.

Produced by First Nations rangers and communities in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, these lightly roasted, coarse ground wattleseed not only offers a nutritious addition to your pantry but also supports a vital social enterprise.

Profits help establish sustainable economic opportunities, nurture traditions, and make healthy native foods accessible.

Enjoy this aromatic superfood in a variety of dishes, and be part of a movement that champions sustainability, tradition, and community well-being.

Introducing Our Books

Immerse yourself in the world of Australian bush food with our selection of books. Whether you’re a budding gardener eager to explore the rich diversity of native plants or a culinary enthusiast looking to incorporate unique flavours into your cooking, our books provide valuable insights and practical advice to help you every step of the way.

Bushfood For Beginners

Australia is home to thousands of edible native plant species, and yet (at the time of publishing this book) most of the food we grow in gardens and find in the supermarket originally came from overseas.

This book is a handy “getting started” guide for novice and anxious intermediate gardeners ready to connect with this country’s ecological and cultural roots.

Packed with tips and advice from the seasoned green thumbs at Tucker Bush, it aims to help any enthusiastic gardener take the first step in their long and bountiful bushfood journey.


Cooking with Bush Tucker

The Cooking with Bush Tucker recipe book features contributions from some of Australia’s leading chefs, covering entrees, mains, desserts and more, along with a few key kitchen basics. This 48-page e-book includes all the recipes from our website plus more.

Download it direct to your device today.

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