Native Lemongrass and Honey Iced Tea

Recipe provided to us by
Rohan Park | Executive Chef | Old Young’s Distillery & Gingin Gin

Native Lemongrass

Cymbopogon ambiguus

Lemon Myrtle

Backhousia citriodora

Jambinu Zest

Chamelaucium “Jambinu Zest"


5l water
35g Tuckerbush Native Lemongrass
10g Tuckerbush lemon myrtle leaves (or, use 1 tsp dried Tuckerbush flakes)
200g Raw Honey ( I use Walaja bush honey from Broome)
Juice of one lemon
Pinch of sea salt flakes


  • Bring 5l of water to boil in saucepan
  • Add honey and stir until combined
  • Add native lemongrass and lemon myrtle
  • Turn off heat, cover and allow to steep for two hours or until cool
  • Strain and season with salt and lemon juice to taste
  • Serve in tall glass over ice with a Tuckerbush Jambinu Zest sprig for garnish

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