Strawberry Gum

Eucalyptus olida

Plants not available WA, but Dried Herb coming soon!

Strawberry Gum (aka. Forestberry) is an evergreen eucalypt tree prized for its sweet, aromatic leaves and essential oil. Native to a restricted region of Australia, it grows abundantly in granite-based soils in the eastern Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, making it very unique indeed! These days, it’s commonly cultivated all over the country.

Strawberry Gum leaves boast a distinct strawberry-like flavour and scent, making them an excellent ingredient for jams, desserts, cakes, syrups, teas, and infusions. They contain a high concentration of essential oils and possess antioxidant, antifungal and antibiotic properties. Use them fresh and whole or ground, or dry them to use later. Just remember that dried herbs generally lose their flavour over time.

Tiny cream-white flowers usually bloom in Spring, attracting birds and pollinating insects. Harvest Strawberry Gum leaves by plucking young, soft leaves straight off the branches year-round. We don’t recommend foraging in the wild, even if you’re familiar with the species, as many eucalypt cousins and hybrids are toxic to humans.

This tree prefers full sun and a loamy or clay soil that holds moisture but drains freely. Plant in a spot that gets full sun, and keep your young tree sheltered for the first few weeks while the roots establish. Protect from strong winds and frosts. Strawberry Gum will not tolerate long periods of drought, so be sure to water it generously during hot, dry summers. As this plant easily grows in interesting configurations, you’ll need to stake it if you intend to grow it upright like a tree.

In the wild, the vigorous Strawberry Gum can achieve heights of over 30m, but with diligent pruning can be kept to a manageable size. While you can start a young tree in a pot, be sure to choose a large pot about 6 times the size of its original container, and be prepared to repot as it grows.

How often should I fertilise my Strawberry Gum?
For best results, we recommend fertilising Strawberry Gum with a native fertiliser every six months.

Is Strawberry Gum susceptible to any pests and diseases?
A healthy Strawberry Gum shouldn’t suffer from many pests and diseases, but generally when growing eucalypt and myrtle species, we suggest keeping an eye out for lerps and psyllids (treatable with horticultural oil when the plant is young).

At the time of this writing, all myrtle species are susceptible to myrtle rust, an untreatable fungal disease. Home gardeners can reduce the risk of spreading myrtle rust by ensuring their shoes and garden tools are regularly cleaned.

Quick care

Suitable for full-sun

Suitable for part-shade

Suitable for pots

Height 10-20m
Width 4-8m

Bird attracting

Attracts bees & insects

Provides shade

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