Meet the Red Back Australian Ginger

by | May 3, 2021

News just in!

Our Red Back Australian Ginger has been deemed a WA State Winner in the 2021 delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards.

Nominated by Wildflower head chef, Matthew Sartori, this Tucker Bush Fresh Botanicals product took its title alongside saline delights from Moojepin Foods, ancient grains from Black Barley Australia, gourmet fungi from The Mushroom Guys, and superfood Lion’s Mane mushroom from Southern Forest Fungi.

But what is the Red Back Australian Ginger?

The Red Back Australian Ginger, or “Atherton ginger” is a rainforest edible root that’s both flavoursome and practical, featuring in both Aboriginal food and crafting.

The spicy rhizome is an excellent native substitute for ordinary ginger, usable in both sweet and savoury dishes, as well as for steeping to make ginger tea. The bright blue berries are also edible and bring a pleasant ginger citrus flavour. We don’t, however, recommend eating the seeds, as they can be toxic! Other uses for this versatile plant have included thatch shelters, handicrafts, and food wrappings for cooking.

Red Back Ginger Tucker Bush
Red Back Australian Ginger Tucker Bush pot plant
Red Back Australian Ginger harvested sample

Red Back Australian Ginger is a flowering, moisture-loving perennial suited to both containers and in-ground planting. As an understory plant reaching only 2m in height and 1m in width, it’s a perfect candidate for gaps, balcony gardens, mass plantings, and a micro-food forest (aka. edible micro-forest) right in your own backyard.

Did you know: We have another award winner in our line-up of native produce. Last year, Tucker Bush Native Thyme was named a National Gold medallist in the 2020 delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards. Check out the Tucker Bush Native Thyme in our shop

Find out even more about about Red Back Australian Ginger, including quick care details, FAQs & recipes, on it’s plant page here…

Visit the Tucker Bush micro-forest at the 2021 Perth Garden Festival

Come say hello! You’ll get to see our small-space bushfood micro-forest in action, and learn how to create one in your own backyard. We’ll be at the 2021 Perth Garden Festival from 6 May to 9 May in Langley Park just outside the Perth CBD.

Introducing Our Range Of Dried Herbs

Tucker Bush Native Herbs are dried and ready to use in your cooking. Enjoy these local flavours with cooked meats, baked treats and steeped in hot water for an aromatic tea.

What is a micro-food forest?

What is a micro-food forest?

The beauty of this type of forest is that you can design it as big or as small as your space will allow. The trick is to choose a combination of plants that mimic the key features of a full-sized forest that maintain the micro-climate and help sustain the ecosystem.

Tucker Bush Micro Food Forest

Tucker Bush Micro Food Forest

Come see a biodiverse backyard micro-food forest, Australian native edible plants for sale, new release bushfoods, dried native herbs, and info on how to make the most of your bush tucker garden.

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